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Ellis county presents a unique opportunity for the creative arts to join together to enjoy and present a more diverse and dynamic community.

Calling all Band Members: Time to join FHSU Bands!

FHSU Bands have a proud tradition of excellence, and we want you to be a part of that! Come make new friends and play great music. Tell us about yourself here and get information about scholarship opportunities and how to join the band.




Beach/Schmidt Performing Arts Center

Located on the FHSU campus in Sheridan Hall. Beach/Schmidt is home to a variety of artistic performances. 

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Moss-Thorns Gallery of Art

Located in the Schmitt Foundation Center for Art, this new gallery is home to several exhibitions each year as well as a gathering area for the local high school art day and many other events. 

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Saint Fidelis Basilica

The Christmas choral ensemble hosts a full house each year in December located in Victoria, Kansas. 

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Felten-Start Theatre

Located in Malloy Hall, home to Music and Theatre at FHSU. This theatre holds four major productions each year, including a musical and opera.

Union Pacific Plaza

Located in the heart of Hays, Kansas. Union Pacific is centered in the downtown area and holds frequent gatherings throughout the year including seasonal art walks hosted by Hays Arts Council. 

Holy Cross Shrine

Feel the music come alive inside the nave of the sanctuary. 


Events Gallery

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